Amada ENSIS AJ Laser Cutter

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The Amada ENSIS AJ machine is an innovative laser cutter that has coined the name ‘allrounder’ for its ability to cut the broadest spectrum of materials types and thicknesses.

The unique beam technology maximises efficiency by having the ability to continuously adjust the beams height to match the material thickness. A combination of other innovative functions and automations means the Amada ENSIS AJ can perform long, unattended production runs.

1. Ensis Technology

The new, original Auto Collimation technology from AMADA offers the ability to precisely control the laser beam spot size and focus position, allowing the seamless removal of molten metal from within the kerf of the cut. This has solved the issue that standard fibre lasers can have when processing thicker mild steel: If molten material is not removed from the cut quickly enough, the cutting speed needs to be reduced. AMADA’s Auto Collimation technology ensures the highest cutting speeds with a high quality cut surface

2. Process Range Expansion

Thin and thick materials can be cut with ease for full range cutting capability without a lens change.

3. Water Cooled Cutting

While cutting thick material, water is sprayed on the material to reduce the thermal effect of cutting, prevent cutting defects, and improve the material yield.

4. High Speed Piercing

Pierce monitoring checks that the pierce is completed before beginning the cutting process. The pierce cycle is automatically altered depending on the material quality.

5. Clean Fast Cuts

Clean cut optimises gas usages and increases cut speed ensuring low cost per part and higher productivity.

6. Silky Cuts

For stainless steel processing, AMADA developed Silky Cut for fibre lasers, giving CO2 type quality and maintaining the fibre laser savings for electrical consumption (typically 70% less than an equivalent CO2 laser).

7. Energy Saving Effects

New model reduction of power consumption during processing and stand-by, as well as a significant decrease in CO2 emissions.

8. Storage and Automation Processing

The solution includes automatic loading and unloading of sheets to and from AMADA FO-lasers as well as storage of both raw material and worked sheets. 

Suction cups allow handling of different material types such as steel, aluminium and stainless steel. The tower storage system has a modular configuration, giving the user the ability to customise the number of pallets for raw material and for stacking.

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