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Over the last couple of months at Black Lab we’ve discussed everything from the applications of digital printing to macroeconomics in China. Education around Australian design and manufacturing and sharing information are important to us, and are all part of our service to the Black Lab Design community. Welcome to our Bimonthly Blog Brief where we wrap-up everything we’ve explored over the last little while.

Onshoring Australian Manufacturing Beyond 2021

We explored how the pandemic and resulting supply chain disruptions exposed vulnerabilities in international supply chains, encouraging Australian companies to look onshore for their manufacturing needs.

Investigating the findings from the manufacturing perceptions report by the AMGC showed us a shift in attitudes among Australian companies and the public.

Australian manufacturers have always strived to promote the competitive advantages of onshore production, since well before the pandemic entered our lives.

Modern Manufacturing and the Smile Curve

A relevant and important concept to us at Black Lab Design, the Smile Curve shows how value in manufacturing is shifting from production to pre- and post-production intangible activities, such as research and development, design and services.

The Smile Curve shows how manufacturing is about more than just ‘making it’, and this consideration is central to understanding the value that Australia’s manufacturing sector provides to our economy.

Black Lab Design and Woolworths – Working Together to be Covid Safe

Taking a closer look at one of our recent projects for Woolworths, the Trolley Washers, which have garnered a tonne of attention on some social media platforms as responders praise Woolies for investing in extra precautions to protect their customers and staff.

With Christmas just around the corner, Woolworths are setting the standards for virus-safety in retail and Black Lab Design has been delighted to assist in delivering some measures to assist with this.

China’s struggles spell optimism for Australian Manufacturing

As ‘The World’s Factory’, the situation in China is always at top of mind for manufacturers like us. In this article, we explored some of the factors working against China of late that are diminishing their low-cost manufacturing advantage.

Troubles with property developer debt, increasing export prices and a declining population in China put Australian manufacturers in a better position to further emphasise our strengths and ability to compete on cost, quality and time.

STEM Skills Black Lab

STEM Skills are Key to Securing the Future of Local Manufacturing

A shortage of skilled labour in Australia threatens our ability to continue to strengthen our manufacturing sector. We share our thoughts on how the education system, government and local industry can work in harmony to foster interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills amongst young people in this country.

We take a closer look at the gradual adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and how these systems may assist to attract more young people towards STEM subjects.

Digitally Printed Realistic Panels

Replicating Premium Materials and Finishes Economically with Digital Printing

The adoption of in-house digital printing at Black Lab Design has allowed us to fulfil an even greater variety of customer requests.

With digital printing, we have the capacity to create products that accurately replicate the visual properties of materials that would otherwise be too expensive, heavy or not viable for certain projects.

Retail Resurgence Ready

Ready the Room for a Retail Resurgence

With the much anticipated reopening of our retail economy in NSW and some other states, we presented some research that suggests a significant resurgence in foot traffic in the lead up to Christmas.

Despite the constant growth of online retail in the midst of the pandemic, there exists a strong desire amongst the public to revisit malls, department stores and local shops this holiday season.

We delve into the changed customer preferences and behaviours that need to be considered by retail owners and how Black Lab can deliver solutions to accomodate these.

Do You Need to Prototype your Product?

In this post we shared some advice around the prototyping of products and the benefits that are realised from producing prototypes prior to full production.

Read about the 7 major reasons we always recommend producing a prototype of an idea.

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