Past Projects: Bannister Downs Dairy

Aluminium Building Facade Manufactured

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Taking a quick look at one of our projects from the past that we’re extremely proud of, our contribution to the building of the Bannister Downs Dairy Creamery for DENMAC in Western Australia.



DENMAC creates innovative urban environments through the design, fabrication & construction of bespoke architectural solutions.
DENMAC was responsible for the construction of the highly complicated façade which has created a truly unique building which will stand the test of time.

Bannister Downs Dairy is a vibrant Western Australian owned and family operated dairy farm and processor.
The impressive Creamery was opened in 2018. The facility houses state-of-the art robotic milking equipment, administration facilities, a function area and an exhibition gallery.

Bannister Downs Dairy

The Project Brief

DENMAC was contracted by Perkins Builders to deliver the anodised aluminium façade that would give the facility its truly spectacular and unique appearance. But it was anything but your typical aluminium façade.

The elegant exterior of the facility, designed by Bosske Architects, would be defined by curves, twists and steps with a rich anodised red colour that made it both stand out in and complement the surrounding farmland. 

The anodisation could only be achieved by one supplier in Australia, located in Gosford and so the aluminium panels would need to be fabricated and coated on the East Coast, then shipped across to WA to be installed. 

Black Lab Design were therefore contracted to fulfil the fabrication of the panels, which needed to be cut, folded and have the surfaces prepped for anodising. Given the individuality of each panel, this would prove quite the undertaking.

Aluminium exterior cladding fabrication

Delivering the Solution

1,262 individual panels would be needed to clad the building, with very few the same size or shape. The intricate design and nature of the anodisation meant there was absolutely no margin for error.

Black Lab Design would need to program the cutting and bending of each panel individually and batch each panel to be packed for delivery in a very particular order to be in line with the complicated construction process. 

The epic 6-month logistics project involved material being shipped to us from overseas, carefully fabricated in-house,  shipped to the anodisers and then once ready for install they were transported across the Nullabor to Bannister Downs. 

To ensure the anodising adhered, there couldn’t be even the smallest of scratches or imperfections on the panels. This made for a tightly controlled and intricate fabrication process that called for careful material handling, surface preparation by-hand, and thoughtful packing for transport. 

Large custom aluminium panels building

The Result

It’s hard to deny the final result is striking. 

It was a uniquely challenging project for all involved but Black Lab Design were honoured to play a role in the fulfilment of an iconic project like this.

Bannister Downs were overjoyed with their new creamery that has gone on to earn praise and awards. The building and our clients were awarded a Master Builders WA 2018 Award for their work.

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