Benefits of Using CAD for Manufacturing

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Taking a product from design to production can be complex without understanding the form and function of a part. CAD and CAM are computer aided software that make it possible to simulate the movement of a part through production processes. This technology has several benefits in manufacturing, and here are a few points.

Computer-aided design (CAD) involves the use of computers for transforming the elementary idea of product into a detailed engineering design. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) includes software for controlling the machines that are carried out automatically such as cutting, routing, punching and bending of solid materials. 

The benefits of CAD in manufacturing are endless. At Black Lab Design we have chosen Onshape for its cloud-based, collaborative, and innovative features.

Product development is a team effort, not only internally but also externally with your client and the clients’ customers.

CAD drawings, being digital files, are easy to share among team members who are working on the same product. No bulky drawings need to be transported. Sharing is instantaneous. Thus, even remote employees can stay in the loop about any developments without any issue.

Onshape’s CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and create a database for manufacturing.

Onshape’s software aids designers to define and schedule CNC processes such as; paths, sheet metal bending, punching routines, and assembly requirements.

CAD/CAM software provides valuable information on a design and store it within one easily accessible file, including; cost estimate based on material type, finish, and thickness.

Furthermore, CAD/CAM simulations enable you to identify how long the production run time will take. This is useful for scheduling, as well as the planning of throughput, material supply, and delivery.

With the rapid pace of technological innovation, it’s no surprise that speed-to-market usually wins.

Designing your product so that it can be recreated in a factory consistently by people who don’t understand the brief ensures that quality remains high and costs and warranty issues are kept to a minimum.

Onshape: CAD Anywhere with the Cloud

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