Click and Collect Shopping is Here to Stay

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Before the outbreak of COVID-19, online shopping was already on the rise. In 2019, Woolworths Group’s online sales grew 34.7% from the previous year. As shoppers searched for more convenience, Woolworths Supermarkets revealed a Click and Collect shopping option that has taken off and is here to stay.

As online demand increases so too does the expectation of a more seamless and convenient delivery experience.

A survey by Hubbed found a shift in buying behaviour with 1-in-2 Australian shoppers calling for more Click & Collect services.

Furthermore, an analysis by Numerator has shown an increase of 63% in Click & Collect sales during the COVID-19 period in comparison to January 2020. Woolworths reported a 50% jump in demand for Pick Up services in July.

If the statistics are anything to go by, Click & Collect shopping experiences are here to stay.

The above image is a Locker Canopy Black Lab Design manufactured, creating a seamless and contactless shopping experience.

Through Woolworths Supermarkets initiative, you can choose to have your shop delivered ‘Direct to boot’ or have a ‘Pick up’ order packed into the bags of your choice (paper, recycled plastic or without bags) and left in a locker.

If you choose the ‘Pick up’ locker option, collection information will be sent to you via email and SMS on the collection day, as well as your Pick up code that will need to be entered into the locker.

These innovations are part of Woolworths Woolies X technology initiatives.

Woolies X Transforms Customers Shopping Experience

A boom in online shopping, local deliveries and click-and-collect services during the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way we shop.

The Australian Retailers Association says the pandemic has accelerated retail trends by a decade.

“The needs of our customers are changing in the pandemic, and so is the way we serve them,” said Woolworths’ Victorian General Manager Andrew Hall. Their online sales, which now account for 3.7% of total sales, is largely driven by the increasing number of customers utilising Click and Collect shopping.

The research from Monash University shows we are spending less time in stores, more time online and have signed up in droves to have someone else pack our groceries, proving that Click and Collect Shopping is here to stay.

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