Rethinking Manufacturing in Australia

Companies and businesses need to rethink their automatic assumption that manufacturing offshore in Asia is the most suitable solution and rethink manufacturing in Australia. More often than not it pays off to keep your company based in Australia.

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SafeWork NSW Urges Manufacturers to Put Safety as Their Top Priority

SafeWork NSW director of WHS Metro, Sarina Wise, said with more than seven per cent of the state’s workforce employed in manufacturing, the rise in safety incidents needs to be addressed. The Manufacturing Work Health and Safety Sector Plan provides strong leadership and direction for best practice in work health and safety.

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Skilled Australians In High Demand

Industries such as farming and infrastructure rely heavily on international skilled workers and seasonal pickers. With the effects of COVID-19, Australians are either unskilled or unwilling to take on the work.

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Essential Laser Cutting Maintenances

For some, laser maintenance is a given. Any seasoned metal fabricator knows how important it is to keep the laser cutting machine at its top efficiency and productivity levels. Here are some things to watch.

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The Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a manufacturing process we use with nearly all products we produce at Black Lab. This more advanced painting approach improves durability, provides a higher quality finish and is environmentally friendly.

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