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Standard Digital Screen Range

Drawing from our wealth of experience in design and manufacturing digital screens for various clients we have developed a range of off-the-shelf display solutions for indoor and outdoor instalments.

A variety of formats to fit any need.

  • Single and double sided formats.
  • Enclosures to fit 55, 65 and 75 inch screens.
  • Indoor and Outdoor models.

Clever and innovative design.

  • Designed to be easily accessible for seamless maintenance and servicing with a double-swing door and locking base panel.
  • Available with portability additions for effortless transport. 
  • Customisable exterior to suit any environment

Digital Retail End-Caps

Specially designed for retailers looking to make an extra impact in-store. 

Multiple formats available with a range of screen types and formats.


We stock a range of frame sizes and formats with LCD and LED screens available. That means our end caps are suitable for any store, from small corner grocery shops to large department stores. 

A low-profile, lightweight frame allows for seamless install and a sleek appearance in-store. The end caps can be hung almost anywhere with ease. Little to no maintenance required.

Built-in media player allows remote content management and we have integrated high definition LED and LCD displays for perfect display quality.

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Black Lab Design

This interactive display destination was built for Raymarine, the world leaders in marine and boating electronics.

They wanted a unique, custom built display unit that was true to their brand identity whilst effectively showcasing their range of innovative products. 
The design was inspired by naval architecture with sleek angles, a glossy white finish, LED trim around the display faces and even a Raymarine radar on top.

The unit displays products on four sides with power supplied internally and we ensured portability with a clever base design allowing transport with a pallet jack and forklift. 

Interactive Product Destination

Interactive Product Display Destinations

A unique solution for building brand presence anywhere.
Interactive display destinations are a powerful selling tool for any brand.
Whether it’s in-store or outdoor, a trade show or a special event, we can design, build and program brilliant custom interactive displays that allow a customer to interact with your product or message in a memorable way. 

Interactive Display Screen Design Australia

The unit shown above is an interactive display designed and built for heritage painting accesories trade brand RotaCota.

Their latest line of Calibre paint brushes embraces clever technology for a stand-out product. RotaCota needed a promotional display solution that similarly embodied innovation.

With close collaboration between the client, our designers and in-house developers we devised our concept for a low-profile but attention-commanding interactive digital display.

The interactive display allows users to ‘paint’ the screen using a RotaCota brush which then activates the chance-to-win game.

Want a customised interactive display for your business?


why do i need digital signage ?

Digital signage is a smart way to easily and efficiently exhibit a variety of advertisements, messages, information or any forms of content. Once established, it is an extremely cost effective way to boost engagement with the public. Digital signage captures more views and encourages better recall amongst customers.

What are the benefits of our digital display solutions ?

Our digital display solutions are designed, built and programmed under one roof. This means we deliver cost and time efficiencies as well as guaranteed quality. We can also install the displays, giving the customer complete peace of mind throughout the process. 

is digital signage worth the investment ?

Whilst the upfront investment in digital signage can seem high, it has been proven to very quickly pay itself off in the form of boosted sales and reduced costs and time for media rollouts.

Will I need to do any content management ?

If you plan on having a say in what is displayed on your signage, then yes, there will be some level of content management involved. The good news is, it’s super easy with the use of a good content management system.

What digitial signage solution is right for me ?

That depends on your requirements of the signage, where it will be used and what your goals are. Talking to an expert and letting them assess your situation will give you the answers you need. There are plenty of decisions to be made around size, location, functionality and software so it’s best to consult an expert.

Is digital signage better than printed signage?

Digital signage is far more dynamic than printed signage and much more efficient when it comes to changing content. Digital signage allows the use of static images, video, music and a mix of each. Updating artwork can be done at the click of a button as opposed to lengthy print runs, dispatches and installs.


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