FormFlow – Winner of Australia by Design Innovations

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Australia by Design’s Innovation series has announced FormFlow as winner of innovation. FormFlow has revolutionised corrugated iron by creating a process that bends the metal at certain angles, without damaging the materials structure or coating.

The programme is all about Australian innovation, ingenuity and design excellence. Innovation at its most simple is about bringing an idea to market, but the power comes when you link design to creativity which allows that innovation to answer a need we didn’t know we had. 

Prior to FormFlows innovative technology, corrugated iron could not be bent at a corner. You needed to connect two flat pieces of iron and a cover over the top.

The FormFlow bend delivers smooth transitions between corrugated sheet sections at a range of angles. The process can produce sharp bends perpendicular to the corrugations. No need for capping, flashing or complex corner design – just an interlocking join that’s much cleaner and distinctive.

The FormFlow Bend is a game-changer for the construction industry. It has architects rethinking design and developers reimagining what’s possible.

The ‘no gaps’ solution:

  • provides better insulation
  • makes outer cladding watertight and airtight
  • eliminates ingress of dirt and small animals
  • lowers risk of ember attack and improves bushfire performance

The interlocking join is:

  • clean, attractive and distinctive
  • stronger than a conventional corner

IMCRC an Australian manufacturing innovation group that strives for Australian manufacturing to be “thriving, relevant and globally integrated.

FormFlow and IMCRC are partnering to upscale the possibilities of FormFlow technology and extend their manufacturing capabilities and business model not just for the Australian sheet metal industry, but globally.

Jens Goennermann, the managing director of Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre AMGC stated his excitement with the FormFlow innovations, “for the first time ever, corrugated sheets can be used in a roof, wall or elsewhere with the possibility of a perfect seal. Besides looking damn good, it would guarantee that embers, water, air or possums are kept out of a roof.”

Watch FormFlow’s episode on Australia By Design Innovations below:

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