design solution

1. the market demand

Safe Work Australia released a statement in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging businesses all over Australia to implement COVID safe practices, 

“You may need to provide alcohol-based hand sanitiser in appropriate locations, such as entry and exits, if there are limited hand washing facilities available.”

2. reframing the problem

Large organisations and high-traffic businesses realised this suggestion was something they would have to implement quickly. Our designers collaborated with organisations and considered factors such as; sanitiser storage, drip trays, touch free nozzle operation, durability and portability.

3. design iterations

Due to the increasing demand in which organisations needed to implement COVID safe practices, there was a tight deadline to produce a durable product that would function without dependency on human interference. Through our iterative design process we tweaked the design to include a drip tray and storage solutions to hold a larger volume of hand sanitiser. 

4. Design process

5. design solution

Black Lab Design developed a compact, portable, auto-dispensing hygiene station which is in use across hundreds of businesses and areas of high foot traffic, helping to reduce germs in the community.

This unique product was in response to the COVID situation. The collaborative project was designed for manufacture, enabling the product to hit the market just weeks after conception.