Woolworths Hand Sanitiser Units Troubleshooting

The following clips will help you ensure your Woolworths Hand Sanitiser Units function perfectly and we will walk you through general maintenance and safe operation of the stations. These instructions apply only to the large Woolworths Sanitiser Units (EQCC9100) as shown below.

Troubleshooting Stages 1 – 7:

– Understanding the Light Signals

Flashing Green Light:


Red Light 2-Second Flash:

Issue is underneath the dispenser

Red Light 5-Second Flash:

Low power – batteries will need changing soon

– If you are still experiencing issues after going through the steps in the video, there may be a larger issue to address;

Please take a video of the problem so we can gain more context and provide you with a solution faster.

When you take the video please keep the door of the unit open so the grey unit and nozzle is visible whilst recording.

Please place your hand under the nozzle about 5 times or so and send it to support@blacklabdesign.com.au