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*Please note – batteries are NOT included in delivery. You will need to place 4x C batteries into the unit for the hand sanitiser to begin dispensing.

1. Please find out your asset number

This number is found on a printed sticker on the inside of the top door, or on a printed sticker on the bottom rear of the unit.

2. Understanding the Light Signals

Flashing Green Light:  


Red Light 2-Second Flash:

Issue is underneath the dispenser

Red Light 5-Second Flash:

Low power – batteries will need changing soon

3. Please Watch these Videos

These videos are easy solutions to the potential problem affecting your hand sanitiser units.

Ensure that there are no air bubbles in the main feed line – as shown in this video.

Check  that the on-off switch is pushed down – as shown below.

4. If the above solutions didn’t work – TRY THESE STEPS

  1. Unlock/open top and bottom door of the unit 

  2. Remove the battery cover and insert 4x C batteries

  3. Place battery cover back onto the battery housing

  4. Fill both the 5L reservoirs with sanitiser liquid from the 15L drum

  5. Place a full reservoir in the top and bottom section of the unit

  6. Feed the dispenser tube into the reservoir making sure it is all the way to the bottom of the container

  7. Prime the pump. Squeeze the white tabs of the nozzle inwards

  8. Remove the nozzle from the grey power unit

  9. Point the nozzle upwards, and pump the nozzle manually until full spray occurs through the nozzle. Ensure this is done into the paper towel

  10. Refit the nozzle pump back into the grey power unit

  11. Close and lock both the top and bottom doors

  12. Ensure the on-off switch is pushed downwards

  13. Place hands into the dispensing area and test the dispenser is working correctly

  14. For any technical issues, refer to the sticker on the inside of the upper door

  15. Refill 5-litre bottles are required following steps 4 to 16

Still can’t solve the problem?

Please take a video of the problem so we can gain more context and provide you with a solution faster.

When you take the video please keep the door of the unit open so the grey unit and nozzle is visible whilst recording.

Please place your hand under the nozzle about 5 times or so and send it to support@blacklabdesign.com.au