Kmart Sells Dolls with Disabilities

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Kmart Australia is being praised for selling dolls with disabilities, launching a new range with a variety of disabilities – a big win for disability representation.

At Kmart we want to foster a culture that is inclusive, and a big part of that is reflecting the rich diversity in the community around us,” Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Kmart Group, and occupational therapist, Marcelle Harrison told A Current Affair. 

The dolls include a vision impaired doll, a doll with a hearing aid, one in a wheelchair, another on crutches and two with down syndrome. 

So far, the dolls have been a big hit, with children thrilled to see accurate representations of themselves on the shelves.

Down Syndrome Australia (DSA) expressed its support to Kmart and the new doll range, noting Kmart had contacted their team before development of the dolls.

“They reached out to DSA early in the process to consult with us about their ideas, and we’re happy to see dolls with Down syndrome in their new line of inclusive toys,”

Their CEO, Dr Ellen Skladzien also commented saying she is pleased to see the positive steps Kmart is taking to be more inclusive. 

The dolls retail for $12 both in-store and online. 

Parents have flooded social media with positive comments about the dolls, expressing their joy that their children who have disabilities finally have a doll they can relate to.  

Emma, the mother of the vision imparied child pictured above stated, “it empowers kids to celebrate ability and encourages early conversations”. She further stated, her son is thrilled with his new toy repeating to his mum, “she looks like me!”

Retail Director at Kmart, John Gualtieri is pleased with the positive feedback. 

“We hope these dolls help children celebrate all of the wonderful things that make us different and unique; and that they can help remove some of the stigma around disability. “

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