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Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Sydney. Servicing Australia-Wide.

Our modern range of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting equipment allow us to process a wide variety of sheet metal types around the clock.

We process jobs of any quantity in extremely competitive lead times with a dedicated team of operators and automated loading and laser cutting machinery.   

Years of experience means we boast the expertise to get it right every time. 

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting
Sydney Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

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Our Machines

Amada ENSIS 3015 Fiber Laser 

amada laser cutting machine

Full-Production Automated Laser Cutting

  • Automated to run 24 hours a day
  • Energy efficient
  • High speed cutting of thick and thin materials

TRUMPF TruLaser 1030

trumpf laser cutting machine

Prototyping and Testing Laser Cutting

  • Fast and intuitive set-up, perfect for prototyping
  • Large bed size
  • High-quality precision cutting 

TimeSavers RB Series Deburring

buffer and sanding machine

Deburring, Finishing and Edge-Rounding

  • Creates high-end, smooth metal finishes
  • Parts processed in bulk within minutes
Precision Sheet Metal Cutting Australia

Each of our machines is individually managed by a dedicated, highly skilled programmer and operator. That’s all part of our quality guarantee for Laser Cutting services. We maximise efficiencies and output thanks to the expertise we’ve developed over years of providing laser cutting services.

Our Advantage

Simply put, our advantage when it comes to our laser cutting service is capacity and lead times.
We get laser cut parts to customers Australia-wide within lead times that constantly surprise our clients.

  • With automated production, our machines can run 24 hours a day, for multiple jobs. 
  • Internally managed logistics means we can guarantee efficient, painless delivery across Australia.
  •  Streamlined production processes means we keep costs and wastage down, giving you the best possible value for your projects. 

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How to Get the Most Efficient & Affordable Laser Cutting Service From Us

Part Files and Drawings

Production is a lot quicker when we have a detailed understanding of the parts you need laser cut.
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Sending us drawings of your parts as well as DXF Files means we'll fully understand the parts you need laser cut and be able to promptly program them into production. Minimising the amount of handling prior to laser cutting will keep your costs down and lead times short!

Materials and Quantity

Detail material types and quantities that you want quoted.
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Material and quantity are the biggest determinate of cost when it comes to laser cutting. We will always nest parts on sheets to maximise parts cut per sheet, in-turn minimising material wastage.

Our Capabilities

We are limited by material size, thickness and type. Save time by understanding these.
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Our maximum laser cutting bed size is 3 x 1.5m. Our maximum cutting thickness is 20mm. When it comes to material types, there isn't much we can't cut. We'll always have sheets of aluminium, mild steel stainless steel and the like in stock but for anything more exotic like brass, we will need to order it.

Ask Us

Let us find ways to save you time and money on your porjects.
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With years of laser cutting service experience, we know the best ways to optimise every project to reduce wastage, increase efficiencies and improve quality. Just ask us and one of our experts can speak with you directly.

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