Matterport – the Industry Leaders in 3D Capture Technology

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Matterport, the industry leader in 3D capture technology creates digital twins of physical spaces to be shared and interacted with. 

The advent of virtual reality technology sparked a different kind of fascination for both users and businessmen. While still photos and videos are already there to keep us equally informed and entertained, virtual tours have proven to provide an exceptional experience.

The high-quality 2D imagery captured by the 360° camera aligns to create a 3D space. 

One of the newer technologies in Reality Capture, photogrammetry is the art and science of making measurements from photographs, especially for recovering the exact positions of surface points. A viewer or user can enter the Matterport space and measure the walls, doors, windows, furniture etc using the Measurement Mode feature to 99% accuracy. 

Matterport received the AI Breakthrough award for “Best Overall Use of AI for Virtual Reality” award. 

Managing Director James Johnson stated, “innovation is at the heart of the AI Breakthrough Awards program, and Matterport embodies this spirit with the only platform that creates true 3D digital twins of the built environment.”

Check out the digital twin for our factory space HERE:

The perks of a Matterport digital twin scan of a space are:

  • Ability to share as an interactive virtual tour to stakeholders, potential clients and offsite designers or engineers
  • A single all inclusive solution replaces photos, notes, documentation and vague communication
  • Sites can be revisited if details were missed without the hassle of arranging another meeting
  • The sites can be accessed by anyone with a connected internet viewing device

Forbes released their annual list of World’s Most Valuable Brands where they estimated that 75% of those companies are using some form of virtual reality or augmented reality for both their customers and employees.

Living in a pandemic-riddled landscape, consumers are turning to online experiences more than ever. At Black Lab Design we decided to create a digital twin of our factory as we struggled to get clients to visit us, to understand our manufacturing capabilities due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Using Matterport’s 3D capture technology allows companies to share an interactive link to clients, where they can immerse themselves in a space and understand the scale and inner workings of a space without having to leave their desk.

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