Onshape: CAD Anywhere with the Cloud

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Onshape is a product design, parametric modelling CAD platform, the first of its kind to use the cloud to create a collaborative, adaptable and interactive space for designers and engineers. An entire team can see the effects of a design change simultaneously through the innovative technology.

This technology was designed from scratch allowing programmers to rethink the way CAD has been done in the past, unburdened by decades of “best practices” and ineffective preconceived ideas.

The fundamental CAD elements are still found in Onshape (sketches, extrudes, revolves, fillets, shells and lofts.) However, Onshape delivers improved ways of modelling in these different areas:

  • Multi-Part Design
  • Configurations
  • Standard Content
  • Managed In-Context Design
  • Simultaneous Sheet Metal Tools
  • Custom Features

In Onshape’s Multi-part Part Studios, all parts related to one another are designed together in one place. Additionally, flat, folded and tabular sheet metal representations are displayed simultaneously. This different compared to filed-based CAD systems allows the user to visualise changes and errors in a side-by-side view.

These processes are not all completely new, however the frustrating limitations of file-based, on premise CAD has been rethought through Onshape.

Collaborative CAD:

You can instantly share design data with your team or supply chain by individual email address or predefined teams. For team members shared into a project with view-only access, Onshape presents a simplified user interface which is ideal for non-CAD users such as sales, marketing, suppliers and customers, making it easy for them to find the information they need without any formal training – no software download or install is necessary to edit or review the design.

Entire teams (with edit permissions) can simultaneously edit the same assembly, the same part and even the same sketch for a true collaborative workflow. All modifications occur in real time, so everyone sees every design change instantly.

Why CAD through the cloud just makes sense:

The transition for so many design and engineering businesses in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic to work from home rather than be in the office was carried out smoothly with the implementation of Onshape in our business model. The cloud is run off Amazon Web Services, a secure and reliable cloud solution.

For Black Lab Design, during lockdown, despite remote working and time differences the flexibility of the software created a seamless transition.

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