Rethinking Manufacturing in Australia

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Companies and businesses need to rethink their automatic assumption that manufacturing offshore in Asia is the most suitable solution and rethink Manufacturing in Australia. More often than not it pays off to keep your company based in Australia.

The Australian Government has shifted their focus to onshore manufacturing in Australia after learning the hard way the importance of sovereign sustainability. Funding initiatives and added support to manufactures from the government have led to Australian business owners questioning the perceived safety of manufacturing in Asia.

The costs associated with shipping products and materials internationally have risen significantly in recent years, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. The freight prices have peaked due to the reduction of international flights, extending delivery times and spiking shipping prices.

Choosing to manufacture in Australia will mean saving on inbound and outbound delivery costs. You will also receive a broader range of transportation modes to consider and save further costs. Additionally, by choosing to work alongside Australian shipping companies, you are eliminating the risk of error, whether it be in the form of language barriers or currency conversion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted to Australian businesses the dangers of keeping all of one’s “eggs in one basket.” The pandemic outbreak in China has spotlighted to the Australian government the downfall of the ‘world’s factory’ and the need to boost our own economy with their help.

Where Australian Manufacturers Excel?

  • Providing valuable feedback on designs and the manufacturability of an idea

Foreign suppliers are unlikely to correct a design mistakes to ensure the product’s end quality meets certain standards. Rapid prototyping enables design flaws to be picked up early and reduces the likelihood of expensive reworking later on. If there is an issue with a design early on into the prototyping stage, the client can visit the Australian manufacturing site if necessary with alot more ease than internationally.

  • Customer Service

Australian manufacturers excel at customer focus. As a generalisation, it is reasonable to assert that we are more responsive to requests. By contrast, Asian manufacturers are renowned for doing everything they can to win a contract, after which the responsiveness steadily declines.

  • Cost Honesty

It is standard for Australian manufacturers to provide feedback on ways to minimise the cost of manufacture when a design comes through. Culturally, through clearer communication and mutual understanding, onshore manufacturers are generally more helpful and honest.

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