Tritium Charges Ahead of the Competition

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Recently we wrote a piece on 8 Innovative Aussie Companies You Should Know About. Since then, one of these companies has gone from strength to strength, making waves in markets all over the world.  We are talking about Tritium. A Brisbane-born manufacturer of pioneering DC fast-chargers for Electric Vehicles. Their fast chargers boast individual capacities from 50 to 350 kilowatt, and is one of the world’s top sellers in the area. Tritium charges ahead of the competition.

Tritium PKM150 Fast Charger Stations Installed in a car park
Tritium Fast-Chargers at a Car Park

In the month since we included Tritium on our list of Innovative Aussie Companies, the business has been listed on the Nasdaq, entered into a supply agreement with a leading provider of e-mobility solutions across the Middle East and Africa, and has now announced that it will be establishing a manufacturing facility in Tennessee USA.

The announcement has come as part of the US Government’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act introduced under US President Joe Biden in November 2021. The Act, also known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, authorises funds for Federal-aid highways, highway safety programs, transit programs, and for other purposes.  

In addition to strengthening sovereign manufacturing capabilities, creating jobs and building infrastructure for the future, the Act has a particular focus on addressing climate change and bolstering the technologies that will assist in reaching 2050 emissions targets.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is expected to provide $7.5 billion of investment for deploying a network of 500,000 EV chargers along highway corridors in the United States. This network is intended to facilitate long-distance travel, as well as shorter distance travel within communities, to provide convenient charging options and encourage the electrification of transportation across the country.

Tritium charges ahead of the competiton
Tritium CEO Jane Hunter with President Joe Biden at the Announcement of the New Manufacturing Facility

For an Australian-born company to be bought in to help fulfil America’s bold new infrastructure plan is a testament to the world-leading talent and products we develop in this country. Tritium has been designing and building ground-breaking technology in e-mobility and renewable energy for a couple of decades now. The group was founded by University of Queensland Alumni Dr David Finn, Dr Paul Sernia and James Kennedy who came together competing in the World Solar Racing Challenge in 1998. After forming Tritium in 2001, the company has developed from a small power electronics start-up to a global manufacturing organisation operating across three continents and with customers in over 40 countries. Their customers include some of the largest global energy companies, automotive manufacturers and government agencies. Not only has their superb understanding of battery technology and renewable energy allowed them to develop impressive DC fast-chargers but they’ve been manufacturing the units in Australia too. Tritium charges ahead of the global competition.     

Tritium’s new DC fast charger manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee is currently expected to include up to six production lines, employ more than 500 people over the next five years and produce more than 10,000 DC fast charger units per year, with the potential to produce approximately 30,000 units per year at peak capacity.

“I welcome Tritium to Tennessee and thank the company for its commitment to create more than 500 new jobs in Wilson County,” said Tennessee Governor Bill Lee. “Our state’s highly-skilled workforce and position as a leader in the EV industry continue to attract companies like Tritium to Tennessee.”

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