TRUMPF TruBend 5130

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TRUMPF is one of the largest providers of machine tools in the world. For bending and forming sheet metal materials we use the TRUMPF TruBend 5130. The TruBend is one of the most popular press brakes as it delivers outstanding productivity at every stage, from programming, to tool setup to bending.

TRUMPF’s website states “whether it’s manufacturing and production technology, laser technology or material processing: We develop highly innovative products and services for you that are the industry standard and completely reliable. In order to offer you decisive competitive advantages, we give it our all: Expertise, experience and all of our commitment.”

TRUMPF has developed automated bending solutions that help companies remain competitive in today’s manufacturing industry.

Most bending parts are produced using air bending, bottom bending, or folding and hemming. These methods and processes all work in the same way: A punch presses the workpiece into the lower tool of the die. That is why the bending machines which carry out these methods and processes are called press brakes.

Air bending:

Air bending is when the punch presses the workpiece into the die without pressing it against the walls. While the punch moves down, the sides of the workpiece bend up, which creates the angle.

Bottom bending:

Bottom bending is when the punch presses the workpiece into the die completely so that there is no clearance between the die, workpiece, and punch. This is called a form lock. The punch and die must fit into each other exactly.

Tooling options:

You can order all TRUMPF bending tools as a set or individually. With more than 150 different upper and lower tool versions in stock, numerous part geometries are possible.

Angle assistance:

TRUMPF’s solution is called ACB, which stands for ‘Automatically Controlled Bending.’ Using the angle measuring systems from the ACB family means even the first part in a series turns out perfect. Sensors determine the actual angle together with the spring back and guide the ram to achieve the desired angle.

TRUMPF offers two systems that complement each another perfectly. Depending on the application, the ideal system is deployed.

  • ACB Laser – Completely non-contact angle correction. A laser projects a line onto the workpiece, a camera detects it and the angle is automatically corrected.
  • ACB Wireless – Measures and corrects angles wirelessly using sensor disks in the upper tool. The sensor disks touch the inside of the bending part and, together with sensors, measure the angle perfectly.

‘BendGuard’ user safety protection:

The TRUMPF ‘BendGuard’ is conveniently integrated into the bending process, combining operator safety and productivity. This safety mechanism uses laser technology to sense interfering obstacles, such as a human hand. After the obstacle is removed the bending process can continue at rapid speeds upon operator reactivation of the foot pedal.

TRUMPF TruBend has been a reliable machine for Black Lab Design since we started. TRUMPF’s technology, support, advice and knowledge on applications allows us to achieve the most unique designs.

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