Why all Businesses Need Office Dogs

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Both Open Universities and the International Journal of Workplace Health Management have proved that a dog’s presence in the office reduces stress levels. For some this might be enough of a reason to bring our four-legged friends along with us to work, however if you still aren’t sold. Here are some further reasons why all businesses need office dogs;

The International Journal of Workplace Health Management‘s research revealed that over the course of the day, stress declined for the DOG* group with their dogs present and increased for the NODOG and NOPET groups.

The NODOG group had significantly higher stress than the DOG group by the end of the day. A significant difference was found in the stress patterns for the DOG group on days their dogs were present and absent. On dog absent days, owners’ stress increased throughout the day, mirroring the pattern of the NODOG group.

* Key: NODOG – staff who leave their dogs at home, NOPET – staff who do not own animals, DOG – staff who bring their dogs into work with them

In the workplace, having a designated office dog, or allowing employees to bring theirs in, is an incredible tool to increase overall wellness in the workplace.

Pets are incredibly effective at boosting the moods of all of those around them. Employee wellbeing matters as it leads to higher productivity, collaboration and creativity in the workplace.

“When there were dogs at the office, we found that people who normally wouldn’t talk to each other did and that all of a sudden there was a connection and a feeling that they were part of a team,” said Randolph Barker, an author into the study.

“The dog becomes a social lubricant. With so much of our work depending on team dynamics and interactions in the workplace, these effects can be critical for well-being and productivity.” Barker added.

With a growing body of research suggesting that a dog-friendly office could have a real impact on employee well-being and productivity, it’s no wonder that more businesses are welcoming furry friends into the workplace.

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