Digital Signage: Not Just For Retail

Stuart Robert Visits Black Lab Design

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There is a tendency for many to consider digital signage as an investment only suited to retail stores. When people envision digital signage, they often think of their local shopping mall, shop-front windows or impressive in-store displays. But the modernisation of the technology has meant that, in reality, digital signage is proving an effective asset across a huge range of applications. Walking around busy city centres today, it’s abundantly clear that digital signage is not just for retail.

In Sydney, for example, it’s now near impossible to walk around inner city areas without seeing a large standalone digital screen on the sidewalk looping a series of advertisements. Bus stops are slowly replacing out-dated ‘rolling poster’ displays with dynamic screens that can be updated from anywhere. Even larger building-top billboards are being turned into LED panel displays.

The benefits to advertisers can no longer be ignored and with the constant improvement of the technology and reduction in up-front installation costs, it has become the choice method for reaching mass audiences outside of social media.

QMS is Working with the City of Sydney to Install these Large Displays Across the CBD

The digital age presents opportunities for advertisers and businesses to bring in greater levels of operational efficiency and customer centricity in their business models. Digital is as much about people and mindsets as it is about technology.

A renewed focus on out-of-home advertising is perhaps a result of the difficulty many brands are having with getting ‘noticed’ in the ocean of social media ads. Competition for eyeballs is fierce online today and the cost-effectiveness of social media ads is being questioned by many brands.

Whilst outdoor digital advertising may not generate the data or be as easily targeted as social, what it does provide is noticeability. It cannot be ‘scrolled’ over and is not forgotten quite as quickly as internet ads can be. Digital screens tend to stand out in even the busiest of public spaces.

Interactive Digital Signage Display Made by Black Lab Design
Digital Signage can come in many shapes and forms. Above is an interactive display we built for RotaCota.

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For companies that are still hesitant about the investment, or deterred by the seemingly exhaustive process of establishing a digital signage network – what you must know is that it’s as simple as finding a collaborative partner that can manage your project from design to install.

The upfront cost can be prohibitive when compared to something like print media, so your choice of partner is critical to ensure you are getting the best possible service. Everything from unit manufacturing, materials and internal components used is of great importance to guarantee you get a result that works.

Black Lab Design has, over the years, established ourselves as a strong and innovative partner in the facilitation of digital signage rollouts. Being able to manufacture, program, deliver and install digital screens has proved to be an asset to our clients, allowing them to reduce the number of involved parties in their signage network establishment and rely on us to solve the difficult logistical and technological problems they may face.

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