Why Retailers Are Embracing Digital Signage

Retailers Digital Signage Australia

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Digital signage gives businesses maximum flexibility when it comes to giving customers or visitors the information they need. The ever changing retail landscape in Australia and New Zealand are bringing their digital content into physical spaces through digital signage screens.

Retail is where you sell products to customers – and to do that effectively, they have to improve their products, processes, facilities, and customer experience.

The digital age presents opportunities for retailers to bring in greater levels of operational efficiency and customer centricity in their business models. Digital is as much about people and mindsets as it is about technology.

Interactive Digital Signage Display Made by Black Lab Design
Digital Signage can come in many shapes and forms. Above is an interactive display we built for RotaCota.

Retailers have had two options in the way they have responded to the digital opportunity. Majority of retailers have seen digital as an enabler of better customer service or greater operational efficiency and have hence implemented many digital technologies to improve their performance on these parameters.

Digital provides opportunities for retailers to acquire new customers, engage better with existing customers, reduce the cost of operations, and improve employee motivation along with various other benefits that have a positive influence from a revenue and margin perspective.

It is hence core to the business model of retailers and performance in the future will be driven by how quickly digital gets embedded to increase cohesion, agility and responsiveness within this network.

Woolies X Transforms Customers Shopping Experience

According to Smashing Ideas, close to 3.8 people billion, which is half of the world’s population, will use smartphones in 2021. We are accustomed to screens providing us information, so why should our shopping experience be any different?

Brick and motar stores, the physical presence of a business will have a place in society indefinitely, however integrating digital systems into these physical spaces will additionally boost online sales rather than hinder in store transactions.

As retailers are realising, digital signage is a new way to communicate to their customers through easily adaptable content depending on the desired message.

With digital interactions becoming more popular in our ‘see now, buy now’ society, this shift in people’s lifestyles means one thing for businesses — they need to pivot fast. Failure to do so can only lead to losing customers.

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