Woolworths Group’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

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Woolworths Group has partnered with CWP Renewables on a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to purchase power generated out of the new Bango Wind Farm outside Yass, NSW. 

The Bango Wind Farm is located approximately 30km north of Yass in New South Wales, has a capacity of 82.8 MW AC.

The agreement will cover a third of the business’ energy needs in NSW. 

In a press release from Woolworths Group, “from January 2022, the PPA will cover around 30 per cent of Woolworths Group’s NSW energy needs with the electricity required to power 108 supermarkets, avoiding almost 158,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.”

The Woolworths Group estimates it accounts for around one per cent of Australia’s total energy use. As a result, they have committed to becoming net carbon positive by 2050.

The Woolworths Group Commitment To Sustainability

Since 2015, Woolworths Group has reduced its carbon emissions by around 25 per cent through a range of energy efficiency initiatives including LED light conversion and refrigeration optimisation, including the introduction of natural refrigerant gases.

Woolworths Group’s Director of Format Rob McCartney stated, “supermarkets are particularly energy-intensive to run and we want to use our scale for good by supporting the transition to renewable electricity.

Going beyond net carbon neutral, we’ve committed to taking more carbon out of the atmosphere than we produce by 2050 and our first renewable power purchase is a key milestone in that pursuit.”

The Bango project will pay annual rents to local landholders whose properties host wind turbines and CWP Renewables will establish a $14 million fund for community projects.

Matt Kean, Energy Minister for NSW welcomed the announcement, which would help underpin further investment in the state’s clean energy infrastructure.

“I am fully supportive of all energy market investment in NSW, but this partnership and agreement are particularly significant because it is prioritising the building of new infrastructure, providing for local jobs and investment and helping us grow our renewable energy base.”

Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci said, “moving to 100 per cent renewable electricity is the right thing to do, and something a growing number of our customers, team members and shareholders expect us to lead on.”

This Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is another step in Woolworths Group’s sustainability initiatives. The size of their company demonstrates the real impact Australian organisations can have on the countries overall energy consumption.

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